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Our Business

Wedge Holdings Group is engaged in two core businesses which are the “Finance business” and the “Contents business”.

Digital Finance Business

The finance business is composed of motorcycle leasing business by Group Lease PCL (GL) developed in Thailand and GL Finance PLC (GLF) which provides financing services in Cambodia. Our finance business provides support for the purchase of motorcycles which has become a daily transportation and important tool for work in Southeast Asia. With the long-term trust relationship with local motorcycle dealers, we are planning to expand our business throughout ASEAN while implementing a community-based management.

Contents Business

Beginning with publication editing, Wedge Holding’s founding business, our contents business now operates in the publication, game, music, and media related sectors through multiple divisions. The business is expanding in many sectors such as planning and development of card games, production and distribution of company owned contents, music labels centered on the production division which takes charge of production contracts from major publishers and game companies.

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