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IR Policy

This page is for the purpose of understanding the IR policy of our company.

Basic Policy

Our company practices IR activities by providing shareholders and investors with fast and fair yet accurate and straightforward information on our management policy, business strategy, financial information etc. We do not inform specified people with specified information. In Addition, we disclose proper information at the proper time in accordance to the related laws and regulations of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and ‘Rules on Timely Disclosure’ established by the Osaka Securities Exchange. Information that is not under the Rules on Timely Disclosure shall also be disclosed if determined useful for shareholders and investors to understand our company.

Information Disclosure Method

Important information of our company shall be disclosed through the ‘Timely Information Disclosure System’ (mentioned as TDnet below) with prior discussion with the Osaka Securities Exchange in accordance to the related laws and regulations of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and Rules of Timely Disclosure. Information disclosed in the TDnet shall be posted on our website as soon as possible.

The Role of This Website

This website was created for investors who wish to view our company’s information online. For fair information disclosure, we will post the corresponding timely disclosure information on our website as soon as the information has been disclosed. There may be delays in publication from time to time; therefore information disclosed on this website is complementary. Furthermore, from our perspective to provide substantial information of our business, we also have a policy to provide information other than timely disclosures as news release in our website.

Internal IR Policy Assurance

We have been consistently penetrating the mentioned IR policy throughout the whole company. All inquiries from our shareholders and investors shall be answered by our IR team.

Future Predictions and Forecasts of Operating Results

Items related to future predictions mentioned in documents distributed at the earnings forecast and financial settlement briefings which are not historical facts are future prospects created under certain assumptions and are based on the judgment of the management which is made in light of the information available at the current time.
Therefore, please to not rely entirely on the outlook when considering the results of our company. Kindly take note that actual results may differ significantly due to various factors.

IR Self-restraint Period

Our company has a 3 week IR activity self-restraint period to prevent financial information leakage and ensure fairness. During this period, no comments and inquiries on financial information shall be answered and no individual meetings, company briefings shall be held. However, in the event that a phenomenon occurs under the Rule of Timely Disclosure during the self-restraint period, disclosures shall be made in accordance to the laws and regulations related to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and Rules on Timely Disclosure.


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